Cloud Computing, A Practical Approach

Toby Velte, Anthony Velte, Robert Elsenpeter

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"The promise of cloud computing is here. These pages provide the 'eyes wide open' insights you need to transform your business." --Christopher Crowhurst, Vice President, Strategic Technology, Thomson Reuters A Down-to-Earth Guide to Cloud Computing Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach provides a comprehensive look at the emerging paradigm of Internet-based enterprise applications and services. This accessible book offers a broad introduction to cloud computing, reviews a wide variety of currently available solutions, and discusses the cost savings and organizational and operational benefits. You'll find details on essential topics, such as hardware, platforms, standards, migration, security, and storage. You'll also learn what other organizations are doing and where they're headed with cloud computing. If your company is considering the move from a traditional network infrastructure to a cutting-edge cloud solution, you need this strategic guide. Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach covers: Costs, benefits, security issues, regulatory concerns, and limitations Service providers, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, IBM, EMC/VMware,, and others Hardware, infrastructure, clients, platforms, applications, services, and storage Standards, including HTTP, HTML, DHTML, XMPP, SSL, and OpenID Web services, such as REST, SOAP, and JSON Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Software plus Services (S+S) Custom application development environments, frameworks, strategies, and solutions Local clouds, thin clients, and virtualization Migration, best practices, and emerging standards

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This is a pretty vague question but I'm struggling a bit to get my head around what is involved in cloud hosting.

Say for instance if I had an web app using: - Webforms - linq to sql - an sql server database - Calling some external restful webservices

What would need to be done to host it on a cloud service?

Are there specific code changes that would be required and do these need to be considered in the initial design?

Can sql server and linq to sql be used in this type of setup?

What platform if any would be best suited?

Just referring a book which i feel would provide you the answer

Cloud Computing Book


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