Oracle Database 10g Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques

Richard Niemiec

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"Offers hundreds of hints, tips, and tricks of the trade that can be useful to any DBA wanting to achieve maximum performance of Oracle applications. No Oracle library would be complete without this book." --Ken (Dr. DBA) Jacobs, Vice President of Product Strategy for Server Technologies, Oracle Corporation "Rich is the first and last stop for Oracle Database technology and performance tuning. His knowledge is a vital tool that you need to successfully negotiate the waters of Oracle database development." --Mike Frey, Principal Architect, Navteq

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Are there any good scripts that I could run against my Oracle database to test for SQL defects or maybe common performance issues?

Edit: Everything in an Oracle database can be queried. From the PL/SQL packages, indexes and sql running stats. The performance books say look in this place and it will show some absolute values that need the developer to be able to interpret. Has anyone combined their knowledge to include this interpretation within the scripts?

Are you asking for the information in this book?

Are you asking about this wiki?

Or are you asking for this vendor information?

Edit. There is no magical set of queries that you simply run and set the various tuning options.

  1. Oracle is very complicated. Changing a parameter to make one thing fast can make several other things faster or slower. Or makes makes the instance consume more real memory than you have installed. It's hard to generalize this into magical queries. You have tools, but even then, the tools give you tuning options and you may need to run different experiments.

  2. Performance is a balance. You have to strike a balance between physical I/O time and CPU time. It's not possible to generalize this into a magical query. Your system may need faster physical I/O (data warehouses, for instance, often need this) because it can't effectively work from cache. My system may need faster processor time and will have to work in cache to achieve this.

  3. Performance is a function of your application. No magical query of Oracle will reveal a single thing about how your application is designed to work.

Can any one help me referring a book for Oracle table partitioning. Oracle 10g complete reference contains the basics but i need elaborate with example.

Thank you

I have "Oracle Database 10g Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques" by Richard Niemiec on my desk. It's a great reference for many Oracle performance issues and has quite a bit of material on partitioning.