Signal Processing First

James H. McClellan, Ronald W. Schafer, Mark A. Yoder

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Designed and written by experienced and well-respected authors, this hands on, multi-media package provides a motivating introduction to fundamental concepts, specifically discrete-time systems. Unique features such as visual learning demonstrations, MATLAB laboratories and a bank of solved problems are just a few things that make this an essential learning tool for mastering fundamental concepts in today's electrical and computer engineering forum.Covers basic DSP concepts, integrated laboratory projects—related to music, sound and image processing. Other topics include new MATLAB functions for basic DSP operations, Sinusoids, Spectrum Representation, Sampling and Aliasing, FIR Filters, Frequency Response of FIR Filters, z-Transforms, IIR Filters, and Spectrum Analysis. Useful as a self-teaching tool for anyone eager to discover more about DSP applications, multi-media signals, and MATLAB.

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What books would you recommend to a CS undergraduate that did mostly web programming all his life, in order to pick up signal processing ? I am looking for something at a grad level and more geared toward an average (or below average) programmer.

I found
Ken Steiglitz "A Digital Signal Processing Primer: With Applications to Digital Audio and Computer Music"
one of the most accessible books on the subject (after trying a few of the 'classics'), he explains all needed math well (you do need to know some calculus though, its inevitable, but less than some other books imho). And really tries to give you a feeling/intuition for everything through lots of examples in digital audio (the field I was interested most).

For me it was one of the hardest things to learn through selfstudy I tried so far, but it gives great satisfaction and many "aha!" moments ;)

I have found this one : Very easy to understand and very complete. Don't get frightened by the cover with all those kitties ( well, I prefer that to those ants on Deitel)