Introduction to Java Programming

Y. Daniel Liang

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Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehensive, 8e, features comprehensive coverage ideal for a one-, two-, or three-semester CS1 course sequence. Regardless of major, students will be able to grasp concepts of problem-solving and programming — thanks to Liang's fundamentals-first approach, students learn critical problem solving skills and core constructs before object-oriented programming. Liang's approach has been extended to application-rich programming examples, which go beyond the traditional math-based problems found in most texts. Students are introduced to topics like control statements, methods, and arrays before learning to create classes. Later chapters introduce advanced topics including graphical user interface, exception handling, I/O, and data structures. Small, simple examples demonstrate concepts and techniques while longer examples are presented in case studies with overall discussions and thorough line-by-line explanations. Increased data structures chapters make the Eighth Edition ideal for a full course on data structures.

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OK I am not only new to concurrency in java but am also fairly new to java programming. I tried understanding concurrency from The java tutorials, tried reading Concurrency in practice but it seemed too advance, so tried reading from couple of other books: SCJP A comprehensive, The java programming language 4th edition.
Its as if there are things which just don't add up or make sense, I am not able to get the why's and how's and form the correct pattern of conceptual understanding. I apologize for describing this exercise in futility. But can someone please recommend good reading materials and/or ways to learn concurrency in java.

My favorite learning Java Book which has a great chapter on concurrency is:

Sun Certified Programmer & Developer for Java 2 Study Guide (Exam 310-035 & 310-027)

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I feel like I understand concurrency backward and forward. Recently, I grabbed a book off the shelf in our office and found it was VERY good. Not just at concurrency, it gives great coverage of Java as a whole.

Introduction to Java Programming, Eighth Edition: Comprehensive Version, Y. Daniel Liang

However, most of my understanding came from experience working with code, tackling problems, and trying examples. I never truly understood threading until I did it.

Concurrency is complex and most people won't get it just from reading. Look through the API and write some test programs to try things out. Whatever book you choose, try to not just read the code, write it out and run it. After a day or two, working with it, you'll have it mostly figured out.

Newbie: Which Skill Level of Java is required, in order to write "Android Applications with Java"

Hello Geeks here,

I am just a newbie with No programming background of any kind and want to Learn "Android Application programming" with Java.

Please suggest that which Java E-books (including online resources), I should learn? And on which Java Topics, I should stress upon?, which can Later help me to Grasp the "Android Application programming" easily.

I saw this this book is available as an e-book, it should really get you started with a lot of examples and over a thousand pages should be enough for some indexing so you can search "your" questions in the book.

For the Android part, I don't know if you want to go for a book or just read Googles own documentation, many android books are just Googles documentation... But I have read "Unlocking Android" and that one was actually pretty good for getting you started, but it's not needed just luxurious.


My friend majors in maths, now she is studing Java programming, she has no any programming basis, can anybody suggest some classic java programming books to a beginner?

You can take a look at Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehensive (8th Edition). These tutorials offered by Oracle are also a great place to start.