C++ Network Programming: Systematic reuse with ACE and frameworks

Douglas C. Schmidt, Stephen D. Huston

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Writing high-quality networked applications is difficult--it's expensive, complicated, and error-prone. This book picks up where volume one left off, and guides C++ programmers through using the Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE), the most complete toolkit available for networked programming.

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I haven't done work in C/C++ for a little bit and was just wondering what people's favorite cross platform libraries are to use.

I'm looking for something that is a good quick and dirty library as well as a library that is a little more robust. Often those are two different libraries and that's okay.

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Hey, I'm a newcomer to using C++ but have got a general Idea of its syntax and useability. I want to learn how to communicate over networks through C++ programming though but I can't seem to find any tutorials for C++ specifically. Does anyone know any good resources to learn about networking with C++ or what I should start with?

Thanks a bunch, Dan

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