Probabilistic Graphical Models

Daphne Koller, Nir Friedman

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A general framework for constructing and using probabilistic models of complex systems that would enable a computer to use available information for making decisions.

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I have been learning alot about using graphs for machine learning by watching Christopher Bishops videos( ). I find it very interesting and watched a few others in the same categories(machine learning/graph) but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for ways of learning more?

My problem is, although the videos gave a great high level understanding, I don't have much practical skills in it yet. I've read Bishops book on machine learning/patterns as well as Norvig's AI book but both don't seem to touch upon specific using graphs much. With the emergence of search engines and social networking, I would think machine learning on graphs would be popular.

If possible, can anyone suggestion an a resource to learn from? (I'm new to this field and development is a hobby for me, so I'm sorry in advance if there's a super obvious resource to learn from..I tried google and university sites).

Thanks in advance!

MacArthur Genius Grant recipient and Stanford Professor Daphne Koller co-authored a definitive textbook on Bayesian networks entitled Probabalistic Graphical Models, which contains a rigorous introduction to graph theory as applied to AI. It may not exactly match what you're looking for, but in its field it is very highly regarded.

Although this is not an exact match to what you are looking for, textgraphs is a workshop that focuses on the link between graph theory and natural language processing. Here is a link. I believe the workshop also generated this book.