The Practice of System and Network Administration

Tom Limoncelli, Christina J. Hogan, Strata R. Chalup

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The industry standard for best practices in system administration, updated to address today's challenges.

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I am web programmer and I deal with html, css, javascript, php and

Is there some good books/sites that I can use to become also a bit of a sys admin? And by sys admin I mean to have knowledge of TCP/IP, Linux/Win Networks etc.

Please don't say "google is your friend" I know it is but I just want either good sites or books and not the trillion of links google gives me.

I know this isn't an easy step, but it isn't impossible right?

Some thoughts from a system admin turned system engineer.

Learn, and use, a configuration management system. Chef or Puppet are really strong options (I like Chef), both written in Ruby. Not sure about Windows, if thats your platform; Chef plans to support Windows within the next year.

Put your software control skills to good use. Maintain your configuration with a Git or Subversion (or other) repository. I like Git because every checkout / clone is a full repository, so backups are easy :-).

Use open source tools whereever possible. You can put your developer skills to use by improving them.

Read Tom Limoncelli's "The Practice of System and Network Administration" - it is an excellent book that covers the gamut on system administration end to end, without being platform specific.

Find local user groups for your platform. Join Twitter and look for people talking about your interests. Get into IRC on the Freenode network and discuss system administration with other admins.

Things like DHCP, IP addresses, configurations...that kind of thing. I have a Google search open, and it seems like there's just so much out there, I'm not sure where to begin. Perhaps there are some especially good websites/books/blogs out there that might help. Thanks

Network administration is a very broad field, and just about every organization will have its own ideas about the skills that are required. A good understanding of fundamentals never hurts, though, and one of the best books I've ever encountered for that purpose is Howard C. Berkowitz's Designing Addressing Architectures for Routing and Switching.

You might like to look at the book The Practice of System and Network Administration (Amazon link).

The first edition of this was an excellent book and this new edition has also received glowing reviews.

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