Puzzles for Programmers and Pros

Dennis Shasha

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Provides problem-solving techniques to help improve puzzle-solving skills.

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Are there any other sources of programming type riddles on the internet?

I started my set of daily programming riddles, jokes, and quotes partly to help myself and my team grown in some technical areas... like new .NET 3.5 features, design patterns, anti-patterns, code smells, etc.

I would love to find other short programming riddles on the web, but I haven't ran across any yet. Do any of you know any, or would you consider starting to make your own?

Code Kata is in my recent bookmarks.

There is also a good selection of programming puzzle books out there:

...among others.

To Mock a Mockingbird

While they are not programming puzzles, To Mock a Mockingbird does contain some really good logic puzzles that are beneficial to developers. I was recommended this book by another developer.