SSL & TLS Essentials

Stephen A. Thomas

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"Great writing . . . a clear introduction to the most widely deployed security technology in the Internet."-Paul Lambert, former co-chair of IETF IPSEC working group The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security(TLS) protocols form the foundation for e-commerce security on the World Wide Web, verifying the authenticity of Web sites, encrypting the transfer of sensitive data, and ensuring the integrity of information exchanged. Now-for the first time the details of these critical security protocols are available in a complete, clear, and concise reference. SSL and TLS Essentials provides complete documentation of the SSL and TLS protocols, including advanced and proprietary extensions never before published. The book thoroughly covers the protocols in operation, including the contents of their messages, message formats, and the cryptographic calculations used to construct them. The text also includes an introduction to cryptography and an explanation of X.509 public key certificates. Stephen Thomas, author of IPng and the TCP/IP Protocols, presents this complex material in a clear and reader-friendly manner. The book includes more than 80 figures and illustrations to supplement its text, and it describes SSL in the context of real-world, practical applications. Readers will immediately understand not only the academic principles behind he security protocols, but how those principles apply to their own network security challenges. The book includes: * Full details of Netscape's SSL and the IETF's TLS protocols, with differences between the two clearl highlighted and explained * A concise tutorial in cryptography * Complete coverage of Netscape's International Step-Up and Microsoft's Server Gated Cryptography implementations * A description of X.509 public key certificates * Details on implementing backwards compatibility among previous versions of SSL and TLS * A thorough security checklist with explanations of all known attacks on SSL implementations, along with appropriate countermeasures. The CD-ROM contains convenient electronic versions of the book for: * Windows(r) CE handheld computers * Adobe(r) Acrobat Reader for PCs Visit our Web site at

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Every now and then and since the last week more often I get questions about HTTPS & SSL. So no I wanted to get more into it and looking for some good information about the subject.

Furthermore, I have develop on XAMPP and VISTA and I am looking for a good tutorial to get SSL working on this environment.

Has anyone got good resources or tutorials or books about this subject? Or a good tutorial on how to get it working?

Thanks in advance!

SSL & TLS Essentials is a book with a good introduction to SSL. There are also many online SSL FAQs that you can start with.

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