Software Requirement Patterns

Stephen Withall

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Provides a variety of reusable patterns and situation-specific frameworks for writing software requirements.

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We have a project hand over from on shore team to our team (off shore) not long ago. However we were having difficulties for the hand-over process.

  1. We couldn't think of any questions to ask during their design walk-through, because we were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information. We wanted to ask, but we didn't know what to ask. Since they got no question from us, the management think that the hand-over process was been done successfully.

  2. We had tried to go through all the documentation from our company wiki page before attending the handover presentation, but there are too many documents, we don't even know where to start with.

I wonder, are there any rules or best practices that we can follow, to ensure a successful project hand-over, either from us, or to us.


Check out "Software Requirements" and Software Requirement Patterns for ideas on questions to ask when gathering information about a project. I think that just as they would work for new development, they would also help you to come to terms with an existing project.

I recently read through Code Complete, and it recommends that I create a project specification before actually coding.

The book didn't go very far into detail about what 'specs' are, and how they are made. Because this is a crucial part of software development, I would like to know how to create quality specs that are not too exhaustive.

Where can I learn more about software specifications? Or any of the other prerequisites outlined in Code Complete?

If you are looking for books, I can recommend two right now, and in fact, I ordered a third because it looked good.

The two I can recommend fully are:

I also ordered a third book: