Practical Computing for Biologists

Steven Harold David Haddock, Casey W. Dunn

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To help with the increasingly large data sets that many scientists deal with, this book illustrates how to use many freely available computing tools to work more powerfully and effectively. The book was born out of the authors' experiences developing tools for their research and to fix other biologist's computational problems.

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I'm working through this book for grad school (see URL below) and I've gotten to the part on curl programs.

I'm supposed to enter this command and have a txt file of 30 days of miami weather.

curl "[01-30]/DailyHistory.html?&format=1" >> miamiweather.txt 

Instead I get

-bash: miamiweather.tx: Permission denied

I am very new to mac, so I think it may be an issue with the permission. This book was made before the maverick update, so could there be something in the update that interferes with the curl command? I've checked apple help pages and forums to no avail.

Edit: forgot the book url

Edit: I did not cd into a directory. I was creating the file in my home directory.

you are either in a write protected directory or the file is write protected.


ls -l miamiweather.txt

to see if the file is write protected.



to get to your home directory and then try the curl command again.

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