Professional IOS Database Application Programming

Patrick Alessi

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Updated and revised coverage that includes the latest versions of iOS and Xcode Whether you′re a novice or experienced developer, you will want to dive into this updated resource on database application programming for the iPhone and iPad. Packed with more than 50 percent new and revised material – including completely rebuilt code, screenshots, and full coverage of new features pertaining to database programming and enterprise integration in iOS 6 – this must–have book intends to continue the precedent set by the previous edition by helping thousands of developers master database application programming. Shows you how to store data using SQLite, model and manage data using Core Data, and integrate with Web Services Explains how to take advantage of the built–in capabilities of the iPhone and iPad Details techniques for integrating iOS applications into enterprise class systems Encourages you to take advantage of multi–core processors, store data in the cloud, and use storyboards to develop the UI for your app By the end of the book, you will be able to confidently implement a data driven application for the iPhone and iPad and integrate an iOS application within an existing enterprise system.

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I am interested in buying a book that covers "Core Data" topic. The best books I have found are:

1) Patrick Alessi - Professional iOS Database Application Programming (

2) Marcus S. Zarra - Core Data: Data Storage and Management for iOS, OS X, and iCloud (

My dilemma is that most people say that Marcus Zarra's book is "the Core Data book", but I saw that half of the book is dedicated to Core Data on Mac OS, which I am not interested in. On the other hand, Patrick Alessi's book seems to be very complete (covers XML, instruments and more stuff...).

Can someone suggest which one is better or would choose in my place? I really need you help.

Thank you very much!

Believe it or not, I bought lots of iOS books from online. But in the end, I found all the topics in the book are mentioned in the apple website and apple engineers explain it very well.

If GOD give me a chance to go back, I would spend those money for my dog! Don't tell me you don't know this