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David Mark, Jeff LaMarche, Alex Horovitz, Kevin Kim

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Interested in iPhone and iPad apps development? Want to learn more? Whether you’re a self-taught iPhone and iPad apps development genius or have just made your way through the pages of Beginning iOS 6 Development, we have the perfect book for you. More iOS 6 Development: Further Explorations of the iOS SDK digs deeper into Apple’s latest iOS 6 SDK. Bestselling authors Dave Mark, Alex Horovitz, Kevin Kim and Jeff LaMarche explain concepts as only they can—covering topics like Core Data, peer-to-peer networking using GameKit and network streams, working with data from the web, MapKit, in-application e-mail, and more. All the concepts and APIs are clearly presented with code snippets you can customize and use, as you like, in your own apps. If you are going to write a professional iPhone or iPad app, you’ll want to get your arms around Core Data, and there’s no better place to do so than in the pages of this book. The book continues right where Beginning iOS 6 Development leaves off, with a series of chapters devoted to Core Data, the standard for Apple persistence. Dave, Alex, Kevin and Jeff carefully step through each Core Data concept and show techniques and tips specifically for writing larger apps—offering a breadth of coverage you won't find anywhere else. The Core Data coverage alone is worth the price of admission. But there's so much more! More iOS 6 Development covers a variety of networking mechanisms, from GameKit’s relatively simple BlueTooth peer-to-peer model, to the addition of Bonjour discovery and network streams, through the complexity of accessing files via the web. Dave, Alex, Kevin, and Jeff will also take you through coverage of concurrent programming and some advanced techniques for debugging your applications. The enhanced multitasking, threading, memory management and more are important. Apps are getting more and more complex, including sophisticated game apps that offer virtual or augmented reality experiences and new mapping views that take advantage of sensors and other APIs in the newest iOS 6 SDK. Whether you are a relative newcomer to iPhone and iPad or iOS development or an old hand looking to expand your horizons, there’s something for everyone in More iOS 6 Development. Note: A few of the apps in this book demonstrate technologies not yet supported by the simulator. To run them on your iPhone or iPod touch, you'll need to join one of Apple's paid iPhone developer programs. What you’ll learn All about Core Data: key concepts and techniques for writing larger applications How to utilize a variety of networking mechanisms, including peer-to-peer connections over Bluetooth using GameKit Details on the addition of Bonjour discovery and network streams How to embed maps with Map Kit and use in-application email How to access a user’s iPod library and integrate music into apps Essentials of concurrent programming and advanced debugging techniques How to work with enhanced multitasking, threading, memory management and other APIs Tips on working with data from the web and the cloud, including Apple's iCloud How to work with the iOS 6 SDK when dealing with sensors, gyroscopes, etc. for augmented reality experiences in game and socia media apps Who this book is for All iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app developers, especially developers already familiar with the basics of Apple's iPhone SDKs and who have read the previous volume, Beginning iOS 6 Development.

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Are there any recommended books for developing iPad apps using iOS 5 specifically covering features like storyboards and segues with different examples.

Mainly working on the iPad 2 here but any good iOS 5 book would be welcome.

Many Thanks Geoff

I found Beginning iPhone 4 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK by Mark, Nutting and LaMarche useful, and it now has an iOS 5 edition: Beginning iOS 5 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK (though I haven't read that version). (There's also a followup text, More iOS 5 Development: Further Explorations of the iOS SDK.)

As an iOS newbie there are tons of books out there that to satisfy learning the basics. Now, I want to move over to some advanced reading such as OAuth and SQLite and dynamic API derived tableviews etc. Any resources out there that you would recommend?

Here are a couple:

More iOS 5 Development book is pretty good:

haven't gone through all of this one but it's pretty good Pro iOS Table Views: for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

I know Apress goes a little deeper into other iOS topics as well, maybe check out their website... But you will probably need to rely on blogs, apple documentation, and other online sources for more advanced development