Beginning Android C++ Game Development

Bruce Sutherland

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Annotation Beginning Android C++ Game Development introduces general and Android game developers like you to Android's pown the NDKHow to do professional level, quality game design, starting the Droid Runner case study that's used throughout this book to illustrate the key conceptsHow to build a game engineHow to write a rendererHow to build the Droid Runner game app with entities, game levels and collisionsHow to insert perspectives using cameras and moreHow to create or integrate audio into your game appHow to submit to the Android app stores like Google Play and Amazon Appstore Who this book is forThis book is for game developers looking to get into Android development for the first time, as well as Android game developers who have never used the Native Development Kit (NDK). Table of Contents Section 1: An Introduction to Android and Game Programming 1.An Introduction To Game Development 2.An Introduction to the Android Game Development Ecosystem. (A First Game: HelloDroid) 3.Game Design For Beginners - Droid Runner (Case Study begins: Droid Runner) 4.Building a Game Engine 5.Writing a Rendeerful Native Development Kit (NDK). The Android NDK platform allows you to build the most sophisticated, complex and best performing game apps that leverage C++. In short, you learn to build professional looking and performing game apps like the book's case study, Droid Runner. In this book, you'll learn all the major aspects of game design and programming using the Android NDK and be ready to submit your first professional video game app to Google Play and Amazon Appstore for today's Android smartphones and tablet users to download and play. The techniques contained in this book include building a game engine, writing a renderer, and building a full game app with entities, game levels and collisions. As part of the tutorial you'll also learn about inserting perspectives using cameras and including audio in your game app. What you'll learn How to build your first real-world quality game app for Android smartphones and tablets using the power of the Android C++ APIs as found irer Section 2: Building Droid Runner Game App 6.Game Entities 7.Building Game Levels With Collision 8.Virtual Cameras 9.Lighting and Materials 10.Game Audio 11.Self-Publishing 101 Appendices: A.Developing with the Android NDK and Eclipse. B.Android Hardware C.C++ and Design Patterns D.C++ Math.

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i want to learn developing games with NDK+OpenGL . is it possible to write an android game only in C++ .

i was able to run the native-activity sample in NDK sample folder .(which is written in C) .

i was able to set up C++ support in and ( stl,exceptions,...) with the help of online NDK documentation .

native-activity sample do not have any Java code . Can i assume that it is possible to write a game without Java (only in c++) .

What are the resources ? which links and tutorials do you recommend ? should i learn those jni stuff too ?

Yes! It is possible to write a game completely in C++ and OGLES.

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