IOS Sensor Apps with Arduino

Alasdair Allan

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This book looks at how to integrate iOS devices into distributed sensors network, both to make use of its own on-board sensors in such networks, but also as a hub. Beyond the discussion of basic client-server architectures, and making use of the existing wireless capabilities, this book examines how to connect iOS devices to microcontroller platforms via serial connections.

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Can NFC(Near field communication) be implemented in iphone? If so, please provide me with links that helps in its coding. Any help is appreciated

Do you want to use NFC on the iPhone? Do you know it has NO hardware support to it?

If you want, you can "create" a NFC Hardware for the iPhone yourself. Take an Arduino Board as a bridge between your iPhone and NFC sensor Hardware. The book "iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino: Wiring the iPhone and iPad into the Internet of Things" can help you :)

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