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Mark A. DeLoura

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For the countless tasks involved in creating a game engine there are an equal number of possible solutions. But instead of spending hours and hours trying to develop your own answers, now you can find out how the pros do it! Game Programming Gems is a hands-on, comprehensive resource packed with a variety of game programming algorithms written by experts from the game industry and edited by Mark DeLoura, former software engineering lead for Nintendo of America, Inc. and now the newly appointed editor-in-chief of Game Developer magazine. From animation and artificial intelligence to Z-buffering, lighting calculations, weather effects, curved surfaces, mutliple layer Internet gaming, to music and sound effects, all of the major techniques needed to develop a competitive game engine are covered. Game Programming Gems is written in a style accessible to individuals with a range of expertise levels. All of the source code for each algorithm is included and can be used by advanced programmers immediately. For aspiring programmers, there is a detailed tutorial to work through before attempting the code, and suggestions for possible modifications and optimizations are included as well.

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I've been having fun rendering charts and graphs from co-ordinates lately, and I'm fascinated by using matrices to transform co-ordinate spaces.

I've been able to successfully scale and invert 2 dimensional co-ordinate spaces, but now my appetite is whetted. :)

Where can I go for clear, informative, (free), educational material on matrices, matrix math, especially as applies to 2 and 3 dimensional space?


Those are the information that I found. Some of them might be valuable to You:


(Searching for "Matrices" at Google books gives You lots of lecutures, some of which are directly connected with transformations - this is one of the first results, but I cheer You to check more.)

I also encourage (I don't know if this is the right word, I am just learning English) You, to look for this kind of information in one of those books (though they are not free, but You can find large parts of older ones on Google Books):

  1. Game programming gems 7
  2. Game programming gems 6
  3. Game programming gems 5
  4. Game programming gems 4
  5. Game programming gems 3
  6. Game programming gems 2
  7. Game programming gems

Each of those has section about math gems - and there are lots of neat tricks there. Those books are worth every cent.

There are also GPU Programming gems, so You might try them too.


If I will find more, I will edit and add links here, but to be honest - I found those links in about 10 minutes of using google. World's most popular browser stores data about everything - and yes, "everything" means matrices too.

Cheers, Mate.

I am a relatively newbie in C++ and worked in the game industry for a few months. I am looking to get back to the industry and understand that one needs to be a very good C++ programmer (mainly bcos of how competitive it is to get into making games). I was wondering if there are really good websites online that would help with that. Basically I am looking for something that would help me MASTER C++ concepts as well as help me be a good coder through programming examples that I can code.

Thanks Bi is an excellent resource for game programming.

I would also recommend the Game Programming Gems Series.

As far as mastering C++ concepts, who better to learn from than the guy who created C++? He wrote this: C++ Programming Language

I want to write some games, but I don't have any game development experience. Any books are recommended? Is this necessary to have a good Maths skill when taking about some physical actions? Also, is it complex to do some AI design? thz a lot.

Game programming gems (Book series). They could be hard to read, but many chapters are enlightening...

A good game framework could be found on many projects, if you want starts quickly.