AI Game Programming Wisdom 3

Steve Rabin

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This all-new volume is filled with over 60 new, ready-to-use expert techniques, ideas, and solutions for game developers.

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I would like to learn about games (strategy) algorithms especially about how do enemies algorithms works ?

Is there any good place for beginners?

Wow, that's quite the question.

I'd start with the O'Reilly book, 'AI for Game Developers'.

Also explore the Game Programming section on There's a lot out there on strategic computation, game theory, random responses, etc.

There are many aspects for AI in strategy games, but keep in mind that there is a big difference between Realistic AI and AI that makes a game fun to play. Cheat where you can while not making it obvious to the player that the enemy is cheating.

AI Game Programming Wisdom books

Also has a huge collection on AI articles and a good forum with lots of information. (

Game Programming Gems feature a section on AI as well, but when AI is what you want, go with the AI Game Programming Wisdom books.

Here is an overview on RTS specific articles: Also look at Pathfinding, possibly some neural networks / genetic algorithms when you want to play with that, although it might be a bit overkill when you're just starting out.

I want to make a turn base strategy game. I was just curious if anyone had any sources or books that explains the concept and architect of designing a turn based strategy game or any turn based game. thanks!

There's a series of books with short articles on Game AI (1, 2, 3, 4). You might be able to find one or more at a local library too.