OpenGL ES Game Development

Dave Astle, Dave Durnil

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"OpenGL ES Game Development" offers an in-depth look into the OpenGL ES standard and what the new embedded systems graphics library will provide for game developers. It covers OpenGL ES, EGL, game development, and platforms that are currently available. It also covers the problems involved in mobile game development with OpenGL ES and includes an overview of fixed point math and other areas of cell phone limitations that must be considered before creating mobile games. Youll walk through the steps required to develop a game on mobile platforms and the process involved with distributing your game via carriers.

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All I want is really absolutely basic 2D drawing stuff e.g. rectangles, circles, paths, curves, b├ęziers and so on. I don't need all the 3D model meshes with all this texturing and lighting. Is there a good learning resource for a fast startup programming just for fun?

I agree with Hetal: Get an OpenGL book. But if you don't like that advice check this one out on amazon. It might help you start game programming on the iPhone. It also has links to other books that you can also purchase on amazon.

One other option is to of course use google to look for OpenGL ES tutorials such as this one:

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