Machine Learning and Data Mining

Igor Kononenko, MatjaĆŸ Kukar

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Good data mining practice for business intelligence (the art of turning raw software into meaningful information) is demonstrated by the many new techniques and developments in the conversion of fresh scientific discovery into widely accessible software solutions. Written as an introduction to the main issues associated with the basics of machine learning and the algorithms used in data mining, this text is suitable foradvanced undergraduates, postgraduates and tutors in a wide area of computer science and technology, as well as researchers looking to adapt various algorithms for particular data mining tasks. A valuable addition to libraries and bookshelves of the many companies who are using the principles of data mining to effectively deliver solid business and industry solutions.

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For an ai-class project I need to implement a reinforcement learning algorithm which beats a simple game of tetris. The game is written in Java and we have the source code. I know the basics of reinforcement learning theory but was wondering if anyone in the SO community had hands on experience with this type of thing.

  1. What would your recommended readings be for an implementation of reinforced learning in a tetris game?
  2. Are there any good open source projects that accomplish similar things that would be worth checking out?

Edit: The more specific the better, but general resources about the subject are welcomed.

Follow up:

Thought it would be nice if I posted a followup.

Here's the solution (code and writeup) I ended up with for any future students :).

Paper / Code

Here is a good book on the subject:

Machine Learning and Data Mining: Introduction to Principles and Algorithms
by Igor Kononenko, Matjaz Kukar (June, 2007)

Also take a look at these open source projects: