Math Toolkit for Real-Time Programming

Jack Crenshaw

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The author of the "Programmer's Toolbox" column shows how to use powerful math functions to achieve optimal real-time performance in programming. Along the way, readers will gain new understanding of math fundamentals, learn how to write more robust software for real-time systems, and discover how to implement math algorithms efficiently and accurately. The toolkit is bundled with a CD-ROM containing an arsenal of math algorithms to make the learning process easy and fun.

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I m looking for a faster implementation or good a approximation of functions provided by cmath.

I need to speed up the following functions

  1. pow(x,y)
  2. exp(z*pow(x,y))

where z<0. x is from (-1.0,1.0) and y is from (0.0, 5.0)

I recommend the routines in the book "Math Toolkit for Real-Time Programming" by Jack W. Crenshaw.

You might also want to post some of your code to show how you are calling these functions, as there may be some other higher level optimisation possibilities that are not apparent from the description given so far.

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