GWT in Action

Robert Hanson, Adam Tacy

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A guide to the Google Web Toolkit covers such topics as developing an application, working with widgets, working with panels, handling events, building JSNI components, and generating new code.

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I have just started learning GWT. My question is pretty simple:

If I create some widgets in GWT, lets say a Calculator widget and I want to use that widget in my existing PHP or JSP web app, then how can I do that ?

I am referring the book GWT in Action for learning GWT.

Link the *.nocache.js script files and add the history iFrame to the host PHP or JSP page.

Just have a div with a known id, lets say "marker" in your host HTML.

Add the Widget from your GWT application into the div as RootPanel.get( "marker" ).add( < your app widget > )

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