GWT in Practice

Robert Cooper, Charles Collins

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A guide to the Google Web Toolkit covers such topics as developing an application, working with widgets, incorporating applets, packaging GWT modules, building JSNI components, and generating new code.

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I am trying to learn GWT, but have no clue about the same.

I have a java background and have all through my years of experience worked on Struts, Spring, Grails and such MVC Frameworks.

I am to learn GWT for a project and am looking for help as to how I can go about it.

Could someone give me an idea of the learning curve when it comes to a technology like this.

Thanks in advance!

The GWT documentation is a good starting point and watch the Google I/O presentations on GWT, start with the most recent it covers the newer features.

But if you (also) want to read a book make sure it's a recent version. GWT changes fast, and therefor most books are rather outdated. Actually some of the newer GWT features are not or very briefly covered in currently available books.

Here are 3 books which are more recent:

GWT in Action, Second Edition

Essential GWT: Building for the Web with Google Web Toolkit 2

Google App Engine Java and GWT Application Development (While this book covers also Google App Engine, it contains a lot of usefull examples)

I would avoid starting with Ext GWT, as it's a framework build upon GWT. Just learn the GWT basics and then decide if you want to use and additional framework.

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