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Top social-networking books mentioned on stackoverflow.com

Code Complete

Steve McConnell

Features the best practices in the art and science of constructing software--topics include design, applying good techniques to construction, eliminating errors, planning, managing construction activities, and relating personal character to superior software. Original. (Intermediate)

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The Design of Everyday Things

Donald A. Norman

Reveals a current trend in smart design that can enable companies to move to or remain on the leading edge of the competitive frontier, offering a primer on how and why various products succeed or fail to satisfy consumers. Originally published as The Psychology of Everyday Things. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

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Algorithms of the Intelligent Web

Haralambos Marmanis, Dmitry Babenko

Provides information on creating applications that collect, analyze, and act on the data that is left by users on the Web.

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The Humane Interface

Jef Raskin

The honeymoon with digital technology is over: millions of users are tired of having to learn huge, arcane programs to perform the simplest tasks and have had enough of system crashes. In "The Humane Interface", Jef Raskin--the legendary, controversial creator of the original Apple Macintosh project--shows that there is another path. The book presents breakthrough solutions for navigation, error management, and more, with detailed case studies from the author's own work.

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Asp.net 3.5 Social Networking

Andrew Siemer

Each chapter starts by showing the user experience we are going to create in the chapter. It then has a section discussing the major design decisions we face in building these features, and finally presents the 'solution' including the overall architecture and highlighting the most important code elements. The book presents a lot of real-world code, with comprehensive explanation and discussion. The full social network application is available for download from the Packt website, for you to examine, study, and modify. This book is written for ASP.NET and C# developers who want to build an enterprise-grade Social Network, either for their own business purposes or as a contract job for another company. The book assumes you have prior experience of developing web applications using ASP.NET 3.5, C# 3.0, SQL Server 2005/2008, and Visual Studio .NET 2008; it focuses on topics that will be of interest to existing developers not on providing step-by-step examples for each detail.

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Using Drupal

Angela Byron

Provides information on using Drupal to build such Web sites as a wiki, a photo gallery, and an online store.

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Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP

Quentin Zervaas

Provides information on using PHP to develop applications for Web 2.0.

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Here Comes Everybody

Clay Shirky

Evaluates the significant role being played by technological advances on the formation and experience of modern group dynamics, citing such examples as Wikipedia and MySpace to demonstrate the Internet's power in bridging geographical and cultural gaps. 40,000 first printing.

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Immersion Digital

Glo is a new interactive Bible that brings God's Word to life through HD video, photographs, animations, maps, reading plans, 360-degree virtual tours, and a unique zoomable interface for fast, easy, visual navigation on PC computers and smart phones. Glo unpacks the Bible through 5 main lenses: Bible -The most read, most trusted NIV translation of the Bible in its natural order, with resources and media related to each verse. Atlas-See where major stories of the Bible happened geographically alongside map overlays, tours, photos, and HD video. Timeline-View when the events happened chronologically and visually through a zoomable interface. Topical-Address major life questions through relevant verses on thousands of subjects from leading pastors, scholars and other experts. Media-Browse biblical content by media type, including a huge collection of HD video, virtual tours, articles, photos, art, and more. GLO COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS - Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating system with latest service pack installed - Dual core processor - 1GB RAM for Microsoft Windows XP, or 2GB RAM for Vista or Windows 7 - At least 18 GB of free hard disk space - ATI or NVIDIA video graphics card with Microsoft DirectX 9 support

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Elgg 1.8 Social Networking

Cash Costello

This book provides more than just a step-by-step guide to installing and using Elgg. It includes practical advice gained through experience on what it takes to deploy and maintain an Elgg-based site. If you are a software developer or are familiar with PHP, it provides both a tutorial-based introduction and a quick reference guide so that you can quickly extend and customize Elgg. If you want to create a social networking site using Elgg and do not have a background in software development, this book provides all the information and advice that you need written just for you. If you are a developer, it also contains valuable tutorials and reference material so that you can begin writing code right away.

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Building Social Web Applications

Gavin Bell

This timely book demonstrates how experienced web developers can use their skills to build community-driven sites -- the Web's new killer app. Building a community site that not only attracts and retains a regular audience, but also gets users to interact, is hard work. This book walks web developers and project managers through the tools required to build community-driven websites, around content or around product, that make users feel like they've found a new home on the Web.

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Seth Godin

Describes how individuals can become successful leaders through passion and connection with an interested group, and provides real-life case studies that illustrate this method.

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